Pioneer Chemicals’ manufacturing is based on the core technology of high conversion free radical polymerization, with an emphasis on safety, health, and environment as a priority for sustainable development. “Professionalism, integrity, appreciation and implementation” are Pioneer’s core philosophy and code of conduct.

Pchem acrylic resin is based on Pioneer Chemicals’ 20 years of product development and manufacturing expertise. Pioneer Chemicals manufactures its products by selecting appropriate monomer compositions for high conversion free radical polymerization reaction. The polymer’s structure-property relationship is the core art of design for our R&D function of new product development. We have more than 150 grades covering a wide range of applications, including coating, ink, adhesives, and many others.

The common raw materials include methacrylates, acrylates and many other monomers. The physical form of PChem acrylic resin is beads, powders or pellets, for users to choose. Our resins are compatible with many other film-forming resins, such as chlorinated rubber, vinyl-chloride, vinyl acetate, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate butyrate, as well as with many pigments, dyes, additives, and solvents.

With its unique functionalities, PChem offers excellent weathering/UV resistance and the best optical properties, such as high gloss, high transmittance, and low haze. PChem also offers good biocompatibility and recycling capability because of the nature of its chemical structures.



  • Outstanding weathering, UV resistances with superior fade resistance
  • Safe and non-toxic with excellent biocompatibility
  • The best optical properties such as high-gloss, high light transmittance, and low haze
  • Excellent pigment dispersion characteristics for coatings, inks, adhesives, and plastics
  • Excellent compatibility with many other resins, solvents, pigments/dyes and additives


We design custom-tailored formulations specific to our customers’ needs and are capable of fast production scale up. We are able to provide acrylic resin grades within the following property ranges.

  • Molecular weight (Mw): 4,000 to 1,500,000
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg): -80 to 145 Celcius
  • Acid number (mgKOH/g): 0 to 300
  • Hydroxyl number (mg ACID/g): 0 to 150


We invite you to view our offer of PChem acrylic resin grades. Our grades are available in powder/pellet form (BM product line), or in bead form (MB product line).